Southern 1000 Islands - Oneida Lake Loop

Route Description

This route begins in the vibrant port town of Oswego, a college town with lots of recreational, dining, shopping, attractions, tours and events going on year-round. Explore the area, rest up, fuel up and hit the road, heading southeast on Route 481 along the shores of the Oswego River, into the charming town of Fulton. At the intersection of 481 and Route 3, head east toward Volney. Turn right onto Route 49, and if you're into ghosts, stop at Frightmare Farms, a theatrical haunted house offering experiences such as the "Haunted Mine Trail," in Palermo.

Continue on 49 to Central Square, home of the Garden Railway and Central Square Station Museum, as well as farmers markets and community festivals. Route 49 continues, following the shore of Oneida Lake for several miles, offering a picturesque ride. At the intersection of 49 and Route 17, head north along 17 toward Williamstown. Fuel up and continue north toward the Hall Island State Forest. Route 17 travels along the Salmon River Reservoir into Redfield, and connects to Route 2. Begin to close this loop and head west toward the Chateauguay State Forest. Continue on 2 to Pulaski, stopping to shop, enjoy a meal and go sightseeing at this Salmon River outpost. The Salmon River Fine Arts Center provides ample entertainment, gallery exhibitions and more.

Head west on Route 13 to Port Ontario, another great town offering a vibrant scene and unique shopping. From here, head south on Route 3, connect to 104B west to 104 west and close the loop back in Oswego.

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