The 1000 Islands Region

The 1000 Islands is one of New York State's treasures, a scenic stretch of land and lakes dotted with castles, sailboats, historic sites and wineries. From cultural attractions, to the endless miles of shoreline and charming lakefront communities, the 1000 Islands region has earned the distinction of being a "sightseer's paradise."

The Seaway to the Foothills

Explore dozens of state parks and forest areas, each offering hiking trails, and a chance to enjoy the beautiful natural spaces of the area. Explore the college town of Oswego, the mystery of Dark Island, the romance of Heart Island, and the castles that crown each, explore museums housing priceless works of art, experience outstanding performances and epic scenery – all from one of six Go Tour NY routes.

This island hoppers paradise can be explored by boat and bike, and scenic tours are available in most port towns along Lake Ontario. Ride around rivers, try whitewater rafting or tubing, cast a line or explore a haunted mine, and Go Tour NY's 1000 Islands for adventure that elevates any day.

Extend your stay at one of the area's charming B&Bs, lakeside retreats and sprawling hotels. Find cozy accommodations ideal for a romantic escape, or a getaway perfect for a group with plenty of amenities to keep everyone busy.

1000 Islands Scenic Tours

Go Tour NY presents 6 sightseeing 1000 Islands routes through the area's most beautiful back roads, wilderness areas and bustling towns. Each route connects you to New York's 1000 Islands treasure trove.

Motorcycle-Friendly Establishments

From historic hotels to lively watering holes, the 1000 Islands region is home to many motorcycle-friendly dining and lodging establishments. Check out a list of great places to eat, drink, and sleep during your next tour in the 1000 Islands.

Repair Shops

We've all been there - in need of spare part or the expertise of a motorcycle mechanic during a long ride or tour. Check out some local repair shops in the 1000 Islands that can help you in a pinch!

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